Lorenzo Vangelisti: Valeur Group completes acquisition of LinkedTrade

Valeur Group, an independent business specialized in asset management and trading services, has successfully completed the acquisition of SaaS multi-dealer platform LinkedTrade. The deal was announced by Founder and CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, who described the operation as “a milestone” in expanding the Group’s investment solutions and technology edge. “We are very proud of this agreement”, the CEO commented, “which enables us to provide our clients with an increasingly comprehensive service, and is the starting point to develop LinkedTrade’s technology further”.
The acquisition will enable the Group headed by Lorenzo Vangelisti to strengthen its offering, as well as to improve its efficiency and distribution channels. The operation is part of an investment strategy which aims to invest in innovation and technology and to expand operations globally. As announced, the London-based FinTech company LinkedTrade will remain independent while leveraging the Group’s investment strategy.
“We are very pleased to join Valeur Group”, LinkedTrade’s CEO Nicolas Gaumont-Prat commented: “We share their strategic view and founding values of professionalism, accuracy, and a result-oriented approach. It is the beginning of a successful partnership that will allow us to accelerate our developments in LinkedTrade and broaden our digital services”.
Valeur Group is an independent business specialized in asset management, advisory, trading, structuring of tailor-made investment funds and real estate services. Founded and still headed today by Lorenzo Vangelisti, it has a European footprint and operates in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg. The Group offers high value-added solutions to build customized strategies and investment products, ranging across all asset classes and different management styles.

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