Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): the importance of logistics in the post-pandemic world

Logistics firms are involved in the movement, storage and flow of goods, services or information within a supply chain. Today, planning and implementing the movement of supplies and materials is a globalized process: in the age of international trade, indeed, logistics impact business-to-business and consumer behavior on a global scale, as the firms operating in this industry constitute an integral part of supply chains. In the same way as many other sectors, logistics have been directly affected by the pandemic: indeed, although Covid-19 is primarily a health crisis, since the beginning of 2020 the pandemic has been affecting all aspects of human life, including international trade and supply chains. In light of this, which are the most important transportation trends to watch in 2021?
During this year, as well as in the post-pandemic world, logistics will remain a key focus of transportation and logistics deals. The pandemic-driven growth in e-commerce, for instance, has accelerated investment in online services, thus driving several companies to rely more and more on mergers and acquisitions. To this end, it is fundamental to understand the dynamics that frequently arise when navigating a company’s sale or acquisition: this also includes, of course, the transportation and logistics industry. M&A assistance is among the specialized services provided by Venia International: founded by Sebastien Clamorgan in the late Nineties, the global consulting and investment firm provides its partners with assistance in effectively negotiating M&A agreements, in particular in the fields of logistics, shipping, port management and food & beverage. As part of its activities, Venia International also provides services such as business setup, business development, market research and insights, as well as business intelligence and lobbying.
Another important point to watch within the logistics sector is the one concerning administrative requirements and bureaucratic aspects, in particular those relating to sustainability and the environment today. One key challenge is therefore to comply with national and international regulations, and this is particularly important in the process of entering new markets. As an equity partner, Venia International helps global company transition into new markets seamlessly: this is done by dealing with the bureaucratic aspects of business operations and by facilitating the compliance with administrative requirements, such as certifications, permits and other types of licenses. With a particular focus on Africa and the Middle East, today the global firm led by Sebastien Clamorgan is considered to be the handpicked partner of choice for global companies desirous of establishing themselves in the MENA region.

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