Trends that will shape the “next normal”: Pompeo Pontone’s point of view

Areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning and Data-Driven Digitization Processes have seen tremendous growth during the Covid-19 crisis. In the post-pandemic era, these areas will continue to rule undisputed in almost all business operations, forcing companies to reconfigure their operational models. Investment Specialist and Financial Consultant Pompeo Pontone emphasized this while commenting on “The next normal arrives: Trends that will define 2021 — and beyond”, an article published by Kevin Sneader and Shubham Singhal (McKinsey & Company).
Quoting their work, “2021 will be the year of transition. Barring any unexpected catastrophes, individuals, businesses, and society can start to look forward to shaping their futures rather than just grinding through the present”. In other words, the so-called “next normal” is going to be different, and this will not mean going back to the conditions that prevailed in the pre-pandemic era. “The pandemic has almost certainly changed human behavioral patterns and approach to leisure and business-related activities”, Pompeo Pontone commented: “As soon as a tolerated vaccine induced immunity is reached, the former will experience an ‘old-style postwar’ uptrend dynamic whereas the latter will accelerate its transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
As shown in the article, the great acceleration in the use of digitization, technology, and automation is going to be sustained, with a vigorous growth in the application of data, analytics, human-machine interaction, and advanced robotics. This is because the pandemic crisis has created an imperative for companies to reconfigure their operations, as well as an opportunity for their transformation.
What is certain, explained the expert in Investment Management and Capital Markets, is that “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning and Data-Driven Digitization Processes will rule undisputed in almost all business operations known to man”: this process will force “companies to completely reconfigure their operational models”, Pompeo Pontone said in conclusion.

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