GO15: Stefano Donnarumma appointed new President

Terna‘s CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma has been appointed new President of GO15, the association of the Very Large Power Grid Operators representing more than half of the world’s electricity demand. It is the first time that an Italian has held this role at GO15. Under the presidency of Stefano Donnarumma – which began on 1 January 2022 and will last for the entire year – the association will continue to carry out its mission to share best practices, define guidelines and address major issues regarding the safety, the reliability and the sustainability of power systems.
As the new President explained, GO15 “aims to identify solutions to the main issues and problems such as network congestions, electricity outages, interconnection issues and network resilience”. These are “some of the relevant issues we will address this year”, he pointed out, “a year in which I will have the honour and, of course, the great opportunity to be President of the association”. Stefano Donnarumma will lead activities that are “important for dialogue with the main international regulatory bodies”. The association of the Very Large Power Grid Operators represents more than 50% of the world’s electricity demand. It aims to favour bilateral and multilateral international collaboration to prepare a sustainable future, with a strong focus on integrating renewable energy, increasing resilience and security.
These are also the cornerstones on which Terna has founded its 2021 Development Plan, which envisages an 18 million euros investment for the Italian electricity grid. As the Group’s CEO and General Manager emphasised, this involves “over the next ten years, a strong acceleration in investments, the highest ever, which reflects the important historical moment we are living through”. Decarbonisation is necessary “not only to have a clear vision of the future, but also and above all to know how to plan and carry out all the projects that are indispensable to the material implementation of the energy transition, of which Terna is the director”, Stefano Donnarumma said in conclusion.

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