Terna in the Standard & Poor’s Gender Equality & Inclusion index

Yet another important recognition for the gender equality of Terna: the operator of the Italian national transmission grid has been included in the Standard & Poor’s Gender Equality & Inclusion index, the international ranking that measures the performance of listed companies in terms of gender equality and inclusion. The company headed by Stefano Donnarumma is thus recognised as one of the world’s most inclusive companies – only five of which are Italian – committed to achieving gender equality.
The Gender Equality & Inclusion index was launched by Standard & Poor’s in August 2021: since then, it has listed the top 100 companies globally with the highest results on the S&P Global Gender Diversity Score. The index evaluates the performance in different key areas of the S&P Global CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment). Terna achieved excellent results in the analysis of its “Board Diversity Policy” and “Board Gender Policy”, thus confirming the Group’s strong commitment to promoting diversity within the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the company distinguished itself for outstanding performance in the categories “Workforce Gender Breakdown”, which measures the number of women in the company, and “Gender Pay Indicators”, regarding equal pay across the genders.
The listing of Terna marks yet another clear recognition of the company’s policies aimed at promoting inclusion and gender equality, and comes shortly after its inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the fourth consecutive year. It is a commitment put into practice through concrete measures such as the “Diversity and Inclusion” policy and the Code of Ethics, both adopted by the company.
In addition to being listed in the Standard & Poor’s Gender Equality & Inclusion index, the Group headed by Stefano Donnarumma is also recognised by the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) and is included in the most important international rankings, including Dow Jones Sustainability Index, FTSE4Good, Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, Euronext Vigeo Eiris, ECPI, MIB 40 ESG, MSCI, GLIO/GRESB ESG Index and Stoxx Global ESG Leaders.

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