Juve-Napoli chaos: penalty for the Neapolitans but no 3-0 defeat

The Sports Judge’s decision on Juventus-Napoli will come at the beginning of next week, not today as filtered through on Sunday from the Lega. In fact, yesterday afternoon the Neapolitan club presented a “notice of complaint”, a sort of appeal, and obtained to send a defense paper by tomorrow, which will then be analyzed by the appointed judge Mastrandrea. If the latter had had to rely only on the referee Doveri and the federal inspectors’ report, who clearly noted the absence of the Azzurri at the Stadium, the 3-0 defeat and the penalty point in the standings would have already been decided. This being the case, the situation needs time to be “read” carefully. The one before the Sports Judge is not the only case that De Laurentiis’ club has to deal with. As a matter of fact, on Sunday evening, the federal prosecutor asked the Neapolitan executives for a series of documents in order to verify whether, after the positive results of Piotr Zielinski on Friday, and that of Elijf Elmas on Saturday, the team falls within the “bubble” that the protocol provides. At the moment 007 federals are evaluating the report sent by Napoli’s medical director as well as all the other papers in their possession. After that they will decide whether the club deserves to go under a referral procedure and with what charge. What does Laurentiis’ club risk? One or more penalty points, according to the sports justice code. Therefore, if on the one hand Napoli could get to play the match against Pirlo’s men, avoiding the 0-3, on the other hand they could be penalized for not adhering to the protocol. Gravina’s yesterday night words about the matter sounded like a warning.

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