Fifa 21 Ultimate and Champions Edition is here: the differences with Fifa 20

After the disappointment of Fifa 20 gameplay, EA Sports relaunches the hottest game of the year with Frostbite graphics. Those who purchased Ultimate and Champions Edition – respectively at the cost of 100 euros and 85 euros – can already enjoy the full game, with an early access of three days compared to the Standard Edition. In addition, those who booked it by 14 August will receive an OTW – One To Watch item, the players transferred during the transfer market on 9 September. Anyone who has had the opportunity to try the new Fifa has already noticed the many differences with the overall disappointing game of last year. Technical innovations are not many: the defense is completely manual, without CPU to help you in the marking; the “agile dribbling” that allows you to move the ball with quick and precise touches; and the much-awaited creative runs, allowing the attacker to decide where the teammate makes their run after a pass. It is exactly this last trick that could change the game, if done well: by using the right stick and pressing L1/LB, it is in fact possible to call for the entry of a teammate and decide the direction of the runs your receiver will make. As regards tactics, modules that seem to be “in goal” are 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-2-1-2, the so-called “rhombus”. “META” (Most Effective Tactics Available) is the set of combinations of characters, skills or features that are more advantageous than others, and that can help guarantee victory in a simpler and more effective way. The “META”, in almost every online videogame, is constantly changing, since the updates affect the stability and effectiveness of the several strategies, and they leave room for players to create new ones. Other comments: the midfielders, during the defensive phase, are too passive, they are not interested in the action. However, what stands out the most about this game is the unstoppable strength of the attack compared to the defense.

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